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Commercial Equipment Control, Design and Manufacturing

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Commitment to Ethical Business

Howman Engineering is committed to ethical business practices. It starts with leadership, from owner to management, exhibiting and exemplifying ethical principles. Howman Engineering interacts with our employees, our customers and our suppliers in a fair and professional manner. It shapes the way we view our environment, our local and global communities. It includes the ongoing process of improving our products in the areas of energy efficiency, cost control and sustainability.

Commitment to Clients’ Goals

Howman Engineering recruits, trains and retains its workforce specifically to meet or exceed our clients’ current and future requirements. Many of our employees have been on our customers’ side of the supply chain and know the consequences of vendor nonperformance. We strive to meet every deadline with product that is 100% tested, preventing unwelcomed gaps in production. Our dedication to the achievements of your organization and its employees is vital to the success of ours.


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