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Custom Software for PC Microprocessors and Embedded Controllers

Howman Engineering offers extensive software experience to provide your project with cost-effective, reliable and efficient solutions. Our expertise includes requirements analysis, system architectures, code development and integration testing for microcontrollers and PC application software.

Howman Engineering has the remarkable ability to understand your conceptual requirements.

  • WE LISTEN to your concerns and provide analysis of your required outcomes.
  • WE PROVIDE software development plans before coding efforts begin based on a focused definition of your requirements.
  • TOGETHER, we identify what needs to be done, set priorities, discuss costs and agree on how to proceed.

This process ensures that each Howman Engineering-designed application will meet and exceed your needs as our customer.

Our experience covers all available microcontroller options, from low-end 8-bit devices to high-performance multicore 32-bit devices. Our microprocessors experience includes AVR (Atmel), Freescale, ST Microsystems, PIC Microchip and Texas Instruments. Howman Engineering has a thorough understanding of USB requirements, features and protocols. We update legacy software to create faster, more stable software that is compatible with other systems and allows for future enhancements.

Our capabilities range from object-oriented application development to device drivers and board level debugging, as well as


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